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Storage Ideas

Knowing a few simple tricks can help you organize every inch of space and maintain order in your home. Organizing your space in a small apartment can prove quite difficult.

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Kitchen Flooring Ideas

Choosing the right kitchen flooring material is rather difficult. Good flooring material must meet a number of requirements. It should be resistant to wear, water and impact. It should also complement the general kitchen design.

Small Kids Room - Small Children Bedroom Ideas

Small Kids Room Ideas

Before making any decision about the interior design of a small kids room, it is important to remember that this space must combine everything the child needs while taking into account your own taste preferences, to ensure the room is in...

Interior design trends 2017-2018. Interior design ideas

Interior design trends 2019

Natural stone, glossy shiny metal, wood, rich textures and tropical themes are the emerging interior design trends for 2019, according to design experts. For the next two years, simplicity, environmental friendliness, modest luxury and comfort...