Christmas Crafts for Kids – Paper Plate Movable Snowman Skier

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Christmas is coming! Movable Snowman Skier –  a wonderful Christmas craft idea. Make your Christmas perfect even in the tiniest details!

New Year crafts help us immerse deeper into the enchanting atmosphere of this winter holiday and erase borders between magic and reality. It’s a great opportunity to show or discover your creative potential and experience memorable moments of creating something with your child.

In this article, we will show you how to make a Christmas craft with your child – a Paper Plate Movable Snowman Skier.

This festive Snowman can become a decoration at your house, at school or kindergarten, it can be turned into a present or a fun game.

DIY Movable Snowman Skier

To make a Movable Snowman Skier, you will need:

  1. White paper plate ((large)
  2. 3 Craft sticks
  3. One toothpick
  4. Snowman Skier Template which you can download here for FREE
  5. Pencils or felt-tip pens
  6. Acrylic paint: white, blue, black and brown
  7. Paintbrushes or sponge brushes for painting
  8. Hot glue gun or just any strong glue
  9. Glue stick
  10. Paper scalpel
  11. Things to decorate according to your wishes (we used paper snowflakes)

Step 1: Draw a dividing line

Draw a line on the paper plate. The line on the plate should look like a hill.

Step 2: Paint the Paper Plate with Acrylics

Paint the Paper Plate with Acrylics.

You can paint the plate together with your child. For example, you paint the lower part, while the child paints the upper part.

Paint the lower part of the plate with white acrylic paint – this will be the snow; meanwhile, the upper part of the plate should be painted blue – this will be the sky.

You can mix the blue acrylic paint with a little bit of black paint – this will make a deep dark blue color, perfect for a winter’s evening sky!

Set the plate aside and allow the paint to dry completely.

Step 3: Paint You Craft Sticks and Toothpick

While the plate is drying, paint the Craft Sticks and the Toothpick brown.

When that is done, set everything aside to dry.

Step 4: Decorate Your Paper Plate

After the plate has dried, it’s time to decorate. We glued on some paper snowflakes. You can glue a moon or falling snow.

Step 5: Make a Cut along the Line

It’s now time to make a cut along the line on the paper plate, leaving 1,5–2 cm from both edges. It’s best to use a Paper Scalpel for this.

You have to be very careful while handling paper scalpel – it is very sharp! It’s especially important to keep it away from children.

Step 6: Print out and Color the Free Template

Print out and Color the Free Template for the Movable Snowman Skier.

craft ideas - free templates for kids - snowman craft ideas

In my opinion, kids like this part the most. You can color the Snowman together with your child or leave the colouring for them. Coloured pencils or felt-tip pens suit best for colouring.

Step 7: Cut out all the Parts

After everything has been coloured, cut out all the parts.

Step 8: Glue the Parts Together

Well, our Snowman is almost ready!

We’re almost done. Glue all the parts together. A simple glue stick works best.

Step 9: Draw on Mouth, Eyes and Buttons

Take your black felt-tip pen or pencil and draw on the Snowman’s eyes, mouth and buttons.

Step 10: Glue You Snowman on to a stick

Using the hot glue gun or any strong glue, glue your Snowman onto a craft stick. Then glue the skis and the toothpick.

There you have it – your Snowman is ready to ski down the hill!

Watch video on how to make a Movable Snowman Skier

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